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Eharmony was created by psychologist Dr. Neil Clark. His goal was the create the first online dating website that matches members by using psychological tests. When founding the site, Dr. Clark’s mission was to reduce the divorce rate in America to less than 10 percent.

The dating site claims that its patented compatibility matching system sets it apart from other websites. Unlike other online dating websites where you just post a photo and profile, eHarmony matches its members based on its famous ‘29 dimensions,’ a personality test the site scientifically-based that can predict long-term compatibility.

It works, for the members that don’t get rejected outright, eHarmony boasts one of the highest success rates of any of the online dating site. Because the website uses scientific and sociological matching, many members claim to have developed healthy long-term relationships.

The website is known for its hoards of happy clients who are quick to offer testimonials raving how eHarmony changed their life.

eharmony does not match homosexuals, in part, as mentioned earlier, Dr. Clark’s ultimate goal is to use his online dating method to reduce divorces. Since gay marriage only exits in two U.S. states, he has decided not to include this demographic in eHarmony’s matching system. As you might imagine, he and the website have been have fallen under much scrutiny for this.

Also, customers have complained that after filling out a time-consuming questionnaire, they were rejected without explanation.

In addition, some members have had difficulty unsubscribing from the website, suggesting the process is confusing and overly complicated.

Are you a eHarmony member? If so, please leave a comment and let us know what you think. And feel free to rate the site on a scale of 1 to 5. is developing new ways to help online daters find the website that is perfect for them, your help is appreciated.

If you’re short on time and lacking in the love department, you might want to try speed dating. Speed Dating is a social mixer where you meet many potential dates at once.

You have a limited amount of time to get to know each other, which can certainly be a good thing if you aren’t compatible with the person. There are a lot of advantages to speed dating, especially if you’re tired of going on first dates that lead nowhere.

How Speed Dating Works

Speed dating events normally include meeting 15 to 20 potential daters. The people at the event are usually serious about having a relationship and not looking for a casual fling. You’ll have fifteen to twenty mini-dates that last a few minutes each. You’ll normally be assigned a number that you’ll wear on your name tag. At the end of your dates, you’ll write down the names or numbers of the people you were interested in. The organizers will compare everyone’s results and then will give the contact information out to anyone who has a match. You won’t be able to receive information on anyone who did not write down that they were interested in you.

Speed dating eliminates the awkward long first dates that everyone has from time to time. In the span of five to eight minutes you can get to know someone well enough to figure out whether you’ll want to go out on a real first date or not. You can also avoid the face to face rejection that comes with regular dating.

Tips for Successful Speed Dating

Even though speed dates are relatively short, you still need to plan to make a good impression. You have a limited amount of time to show off your sparkling personality and your charming wit. Remember to smile on your mini-dates. You don’t have to plaster on a big cheesy grin the entire time, but it’s important to show that you’re happy to be there and to be talking to the dater in front of you.

Keep your attention focused on the current dater. Even if you’ve just met the best person in the world before, each period of time belongs to the person in front of you. Make eye contact with the dater in front of you and try to make them feel special. Don’t let the activity at all of the other tables distract you from who you are talking with at the time.

Ask some casual questions that will allow you to get to know the dater better. Questions like What do you like to do for fun? and What is your favorite movie? will give you a peek into the person’s personality and interests. Stay away from heavy topics like politics, religion and sexual history. These questions are considered too personal for the short amount of time you’ve got during a speed dating event. Try to strike a balance between asking questions that are too general and too personal. You want to be able to evaluate whether or not you’ll like the person with being too nosy.

After the event, you’ll receive contact information for the people you were interested in who want to get to know you. Set a coffee date so you can have more time to get to know each other in a casual environment. With practice, speed dating can be a fun way to find love.

Online singles dating sites are very popular these days and in many cases they end up in online relationships and marriages. These days the Internet provides one of the most common ways to find yourself a partner that will match your expectations.

If we can do our shopping online why can´t we find our soul mate online as well?

For many people all this computer dating stuff is fun and free. Here, you can do and say almost anything you want without worrying about consequences. Not to mention that many of these websites are free of charge and you can play this dating game for as long as you feel like it. You future husband or wife can be only one click away.

Usually people join an online dating website after they break up with their partner. That´s when they feel deserted and depress and feel the need for company.

Single people often say that they are very sad and lonely all the time. That´s not cool. In order to feel happy and safe all the time you need a companion to share the laughs, the tears and everything between.

When you end a long relationship, you feel down and lonely. This is the time when you must focus only on good things that make you smile. You can a great partner and forget all about your ex. The best way for you to do that is to join a website that offers online singles dating services.

All you need is courage to make the first step and once you enter these sites you´ll see how easy it is to meet new people and start a new a beautiful relationship.

All this online dating stuff requires no great informational skills. The entire procedure is simple and if as long as you have basic computer skills and can type, you should have no problems.

All you need to do is to register and fill in some personal information, search for other members and start talking to them. Remember that you´re all in the same spot and all of you look for a partner.

On the Internet you can find two different types of singles dating sites. Free singles dating websites offer registration and contacts free of charge along with a free two-way matching service. Online singles are not required to pay any fee while paid dating services will require a small membership fee.

Meeting new people on free singles dating websites has never been so easy. Just enter the website, register your personal profile and start talking to other members. You´ll forget about boredom and depression in no time.

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